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I’m a European Artist and a creative producer. I'm a young but talented and extremely ambitious woman.

I'm perform internationally to inspire and live extraordinary sensations.

you will be captivated and intimidated by my look – my sculpted body adorned with many tattoos, both intimidating and mesmerizing. My natural, almost innocent facial features and beauty combined with my sophisticated yet fetishistic, daring and elegant style. 

I’m a real fetish. I have a penchant for boots and high heels.

"I am the smiling sadist who openly enjoys in session".

I'm competent and practice simple scenes to more complex scenes. I can gently persuade you… or break you mercilessly! 


Indomitable and dominating by nature, I am as capable of speaking and listening. Broadening horizons in the understanding of psyche and human nature through constant experimentation and the search for human motivations and the concept of leadership are my deepest desires and ambitions. I'm interested in differences resulting from gender, age, character and temperament. It can be difficult to identify as a submissive or as a dominant in our society. I truly understand how lost, misunderstood or simply overwhelmed you can feel. You are struck by many questions: is it just me? Are there people who will find my attitude attractive? Why do I feel what I feel? Are my desires & fetishes “normal”? Why do I need to...? I’m here to help you redefine how you feel and how you see your role in society.


Are you an experienced fetishist, who dreams of elaborate and bizarre scenarios, perfectly executed by an experienced hand? Or an absolute beginner, looking for a trusted guide for your journey to discovery? Or maybe a masochist? A lover of extremes, looking for the ruthless and masterful architect for your personal theatre of pain? Regardless of your orientation or level of experience. 


In session, the dark side of imagination has always fascinated me. After some time in My presence, you begin to realize that you have never met another person like Me before. You begin to melt under the sweet trance of My Charm. Your resolution escapes you as you enter this universe in which I am at the center. You can’t help but open up to Me, raw and exposed, following Me deeper and deeper into the abyss. With fear and dread, you slowly begin to realize the depth of My sadistic desires. But then you are lost in My World, from which there is no turning back. And if you are brave enough, I will take special pleasure in tormenting you... slowly, lovingly, brutally.



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